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Personal mining

Use your browser to passively mine payeer and receive mining rewards instantly to your account, credited about 5 minutes.

Please note that this feature is currently experimental and is only available to a limited number of users. Once it is rolled out across the website, we shall be able to increase the mining rewards further.

Click on START MINING and then adjust the number of threads and CPU percentage to use for mining. Usually the higher the number of threads and CPU capacity that you use, the greater your mining rewards will be. The default is to start with as many threads as the number of CPU cores that your device has and 100% CPU usage. Lower the CPU usage when you are using the device for something else and increase it to 100% when your device is idle.

Mining will stop when the STOP MINING button is clicked or browser tab is closed. You can use your account to mine from multiple devices at the same time. Mining rewards are automatically credited to your account for every satoshi that you earn and the TOTAL MINING INCOME in this page shows the total rewards that you have received from mining since the beginning.

Referal mining

I. Earn 25% commission for all earnings from earnings made by your referred users. Money will be credited after the order of payment by your referral.

II. Promote your personal link. You will receive a reward for the mining of your visitors.

Hidden mining

Connect a special hide-code to your site. Increased monetization of the site with our system. Earn on your visitors.